Client Projects

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Literary Fiction: Paperback

Literary Fiction: Short Story Collection

Fiction: Hard Cover Jacket

Poetry: Paperback

Literary Fiction: Paperback

Romance Novel: Paperback

A Cozy Mystery: Paperback

Fiction: Ebook Cover

Murder Mystery: Paperback & Hardcover

Fiction: Paperback

Fiction: Paperback & Audio

Memoir: Paperback

Memoir: Paperback

Historical Nonfiction: Paperback

Historical Nonfiction: Paperback

Historical Nonfiction: Paperback

Business: Paperback

Artist Catalog: Cover

Artist Catalog: Interior Spread 1

Artist Catalog: Interior Spread 2

Social Services Brochure

Social Services Brochure: Interior

Biennial Report: Cover

Biennial Report: Spread 1

Biennial Report: Spread 2

Paper Products Catalogs

Jewelry Line Sheet: Cover

Line Sheet: About Page

Line Sheet: Product Page

Trifold Medical Brochure: Side 1

Trifold Medical Brochure: Side 2

Church Trifold: Side 1

Church Trifold: Side 2

Quadfold Calendar: Side 1

Quadfold Calendar: Side 2

Sponsorship Flyers

Art Exhibit Announcement Postcards

Promotional Book Mark

Community Non-Profit: Pin, Bookmark, Signage

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Art Therapist Website

Museum UI, Home Page

Museum UI, Interactive Floor Plan

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Public Relations Website

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