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Print Communications & Collateral

Although digital graphics are the go-to communications vehicle for many, printed signage, collateral, packaging, advertising and magazines are a valued part of any business or organization communications package. Business cards, letterheads, catalogs, tags, tear sheets, product packaging, book covers and brochures are valued vehicles for providing take-away information that clients and buyers need, while ensuring brand consistently across all platforms.

Designs for Authors & Publishers

A well-designed book cover is a powerful vehicle for promoting a book and its author. Done well, the cover sets a tone, suggests a story, casts an atmosphere that captures the would-be reader's attention. A book's cover, viewed online or held in a physical bookstore, communicates a great deal about the book's contents, in an instant. The right book cover makes all the difference in perception and sales.

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Websites & Digital Assets

A lot of people can build websites. Not many of them are designers. I work with web builders to provide renderings of the proposed website and its user interface, through color schemes, image themes and font sets. I work with web builders to design and create icons, forms, buttons, floating windows and other digital assets. I set up and maintain blog posts for clients, provide maintenance for sites created in Weebly, BigBlackBag, and Wix, and build sites on those platforms.


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