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Digital and Print Assets for Branding Consistency

Social media marketing, e-mail blasts and other digital graphics are the gold standard for reaching your target audience. I provide smart designs for all your online marketing needs.


Print graphics—signage, advertising, information packets and marketing materials—complete the communications circle. Catalogs, magazines, product tags, tear sheets, packaging, t-shirts, hats and other branded items provide take-away information that clients and buyers need, while ensuring brand consistently across all platforms.


My technical experience in designing for digital and print destinations, and my ability to collaborate and liaise with clients, independent contractors, printers and fabricators, assures that all of the necessary communications targets will be met!

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Hard Cover, Paperback, Audiobook and eBook Covers

I provide publishers and independent authors with the most powerful vehicle they will ever have for promoting their book—the cover. Done well, a book cover sets a tone, suggests a story, and casts an atmosphere that captures the would-be reader's attention.


Book covers bring the WOW factor that sells the book, whether it is viewed online as an audiobook or ebook, or held in the hand as a paperback or hard cover book. My background in working with "traditional" book publishers, as well as with independent publishers and authors, ensures your book will stand out, in your genre and in the marketplace.

I design book marketing materials, from the social media ads to the book marks and postcard announcements. In all the ways that count, I support your book's promotion through smart and relevant design.

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GUI Design, Websites and Graphic Element Design and Optimization

A lot of people can build websites. Not many of them are exceptional graphic designers. I work with website developers to provide wire frames, mood boards, and renderings of the proposed website and its user interface through color schemes, image themes and font sets. I work with web builders to design and create icons, forms, buttons, widgets, and the "look" of floating windows and other digital assets.


I build websites on Weebly, BigBlackBag, and Wix platforms, and personally train my clients on how to update and maintain their sites. For clients who don't have the time to do it themselves, I provide site-wide content updates, including regularly-scheduled blog postings. I build out their websites as their content and functional needs expand.

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